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Here in Halls Homegrown garden we are always growing something new. We grow out crosses from well known breeders and breeders just starting out. On top of our love for cultivating many different strains and crosses we also like making our own custom crosses along the way. Explore our website to make your mouth water..  and As always, Thank you for your support...Happy Growing and Easy Goin!! 🌱🤙

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The Original HHG genetics adventure begins here. Crossing amazing genetics from all over. Follow all the gardening fun @halls_homegrown on Instagram 

This website is here to spread the knowledge and applications we have and do of this amazing plant, and kill the stigma that surrounds it as we go!

Infuse your own oil

Cannabis infused coconut oil
Cannabis infused coconut oil

 ingredients are subject to change depending on the potency and amount of oil you wish to infuse.

for this example I'll tell you what I do to make gummies that 1 or 2 gummies are usually good for your veteran smoker.. 

you will need -

1 oz of flower/and or sugar leaf trim

1 jar of coconut oil 

step 1- grind up flower and place in oven safe container spread out evenly and bake @250 for 20 mins. This will decaboxylate the flower and activate the THC that we all love. 

step 2- place decarbixylated flower into oven safe jars. (I use about a half ounce per jar) and cover with melted coconut oil. Completely submerge flower with a little extra on top as you will lose a little in the baking process. 

step 3- now that you have your flower/oil mixture ready to go.. you will need a oven safe container so we can cook them in a water bath.. I use a 8x8 cake pan and fill it 3/4 of the way up with water. then just set the flower/oil mix jars into water in the pan. (water bath) and bake that @250 for 2hours. 

once that's done..let it cool enough to handle and all you have to do is strain the mixture through some cheese cloth and you have coconut oil infused and ready to make anything an edible... a little bit goes a long way for sure 🤙

Make your own Gummies

Infused Gummies
Infused Gummies


1 cup water

1/2 cup infused coconut oil

Either 3 regular size boxes of your favorite flavor jello.. or 2 large boxes like the Starburst ones I like to use.

1 box (4 pks) unflavored gelatine

Bring water and infused oil to a low boil. first add unflavored gelatin stirring constantly to avoid clumping.. then add the jello mix continuously stirring. 

once mixed completely,  remove from heat and continue to stir until the mixture begins to thicken.  its important you don't poor into the molds until the mixture is thick enough to prevent the oil from separating from the water as it settles in the molds. 

once the mixture is a nice thick consistency you have to work kind of fast. it won't take long before mixture starts to jelly.. poor mixture into desired container, or mold and place in the fridge.. bam!!! delicious little treats that will help you sleep better than any Netflix documentary. 

Thank You for your Donations!!

Hallshomegrown has had the pleasure of working all walks of life in the Cannabis community.  We always try to encourage all new growers, pro's, and just enthusiasts alike. We couldn't do it without all of you.. and for that we deeply Thank You!!! All donations go 100% into the support of this Amazing plant.